Evangelos Chatzidakis, Author at WebPlanners

“El Greco Project”

Ένα νέο Project έρχεται στο προσκήνιο αυτή την εβδομάδα! Πρόκειται για την επιχειρηματική πρόταση franchise των EL GRECO Roasting Company, η οποία στήνει στο δίκτυο της Street coffee shops & Micro…

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email marketing WebPlanners

Automatic eshop emails

We all know big part of the "automation" that internet offers us and more specifically our website or our eshop.And by "automation" I mean the emails that your eshop sends automatically to your users.…

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Email Remarketing Webplanners

Email Remarketing

Today we will talk again about emails! The #1 Marketing Tool 2016! And according to our estimatsions, it will remain at the first place for 2017 aswell. What exactly is Email Remarketing? Ju…

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