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Why does my Remarketing not work?

Without having entered to your website, or your eshop, the answer is “Because you don’t have enough Traffic”!

It shouldn’t be strange to you! From the moment Remarketing/Retargeting has been installed and running without any problem, then the only reason you don’t have the desired progress is because you don’t have normal “Traffic” in your website.And I will explain it below:

As it is known the technology of Remarketing and Retargeting leaves a small “Cookie” elemeny for 30 days, to the Browser of the users visiting your website.This “cookie” does all the work!

Can you explain it better?

Let’s assume we have two users!The first one has your “cookie” (meaning he visited your website at least once) and the second one doesn’t. Both users enter a Blog which shows Remarketing type of Ads or log in to Facebook/Instagram where they should see Retargeting type of Ads.The first user will see your ad, the second one won’t.It’s that simple!

So what do I need to do?

Fill the internet users with your “Cookie” , in the cheapest possible way.Practically this means you must bring people (Traffic) to your website with the lowest possible cost (<0.07 cent/clik), and then leave Remarketing does its’ magic.

How can I bring people with low cost?

  1. The most common way is Social Ads. Make 2-3 Facebook posts each week and “build” an ad on every post.
  2. Do competitions on Social media often –but not very often–, and build the “application” of the competition inside your website, so the users have to enter there to take part in the competition.
  3. If you have an eshop, use the price comparison websites (e.g. ebay, craigslist etc).

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