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WebPlanners – Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting is being used by the 2.7% of the european eshops.Its about a recent advertising technique which brings in big Conversions.

Facebook Retargeting works with these 3 simple steps:

1) A user enters your eshop once,watching 3-4 of your products.

2) He gets out of the eshop and logs in Facebook to check his news in the News Feed.

3) There he watches the targeted ad which we have built and more specifically these exact 2-3 products that he was watching at your eshop the last time he was there. By clicking on one of the products, he goes automatically at the eshop to finish his purchase.

WebPlanners Facebook Retargeting

I don’t have an eshop.Can I use the Facebook Retargeting abilities?

Of course you can!This 3-step technique we described, is called Dynamic Facebook Retargeting and needs an XML Feed of the products of the estore.In case there isn’t, Retargeting is being done based on the sub-page the user visited.

e.g. In case the user has visited the sub-page “www.testwebsite.cpm/category1” then by logging in Facebook the ad about “Category 1” of your website will appear.

[I want you to send me an email of a real example of Facebook retargeting along with statistic elements]

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