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Facebook Ads Vs Google AdWords

Perhaps the most common question we hear from our clients!

I have a product or a service and I want to invest an amount in the ad. Should I do it on Facebook or Google?

The answer is not quite simple! There are parameters and details that you should know in order to answer to this question! Let’s see the basic characteristics of each platform and we shall answer to that later.

Facebook Ads

  • Showed mostly at the users News Feed
  • You don’t need a website
  • You need Facebook/Instagram page
  • Users are targeted based on gender, age, device, location and interests.

Google Adwords

  • Showed at Google searches
  • You need a website/e-shop
  • You don’t need Facebook/Instagram page
  • Users search the keywords(adwords) we have set.

Based on what we said I can explain the biggest difference between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

In Google the most important factor is that the ads are showed to people who search what we have to offer them (e.g. when someone searches “Laptop service” our ad for “Website construction” won’t show, but the ads of 3-4 companies who fix laptops will show). So that’s how the chances for the user to find the company he looks for go are going up!

In contrast , Facebook doesn’t (yet…)  have “general” search, you can search a company based on the name and not the Keywords he uses. For that reason when we set an ad on Facebook we chose target groups (e.g. If we have a company selling cycling related products, then target group will be males from 25 to 45 years old, who live in Greece & have “cycling” at their interests). This way we look for the users who are possibly interested in what we have to offer!

In conclusion, both Facebook and Google advertising are needed as it’s about a whole different marketing and sales approach.

Definitely there are companies on which Google Adwords have much bigger attribute but also companies (mostly Fashion) where Facebook/Instagram Ads is their strong Marketing Tool!

Do not hesitate to experiment and research your ads! When you end up in the best result it is sure that it will work!

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