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Email Remarketing

Today we will talk again about emails! The #1 Marketing Tool 2016! And according to our estimatsions, it will remain at the first place for 2017 aswell.

What exactly is Email Remarketing?

Just like every other Remarketing method you have heard so far, Email Remarketing is the exactly the same!But specifically, it shows the ad directly into the user’s email!

How do we know which users entered my website?

This service is done by the WebPlanners code which is placed in your website. It’s a few lines of Javascript which take care of leaving a small Cookie in the Browser of the user who visited your website/eshop.

email remarketing

Can we make a speficit email/newsletter which will be sent automatically to my visitors?

This is exactly the service that we offer you!We will construct for you one or more emails and automatically we will send them to every user who visited your website for the first time!

What are the most popular uses of Email Remarketing?

Πολύ καλή ερώτηση. Οι τεχνικές με τα καλύτερα Conversions είναι:

Very good question. The techniques with the best Conversions are:

  1. Dynamic Email Remarketing (In which the user will see inside his email exactly the same products or articles he saw when he visited your website).
  2. The best offer you have to offer! (e.g. For the whole April you pay 3 and you take the 4th product completely free).

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