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7 Advantages of Social Media Competitions

Every professional who deals with Facebook & Social media, watches users who have liked and shared a post just in order to take part in a competition.The most are asking themselves if competitions are nessesary, if they are useful or if they will just lose their time and money.So here are the 7 most important advantages of a Social Media Competition:

  1. You gather likes & shares
  2. Your brand becomes Viral for a respected amount of time
  3. You give away gifts to the participants so they are happy
  4. Users get to know your Brand & they relate it to your gifts (thats why we urge the gifts to be products or services of the company)
  5. Your rivals do it, why should they have the upper hand?
  6. You gather emails for Newsletter Campaings & SMS for SMS Mobile Campaigns
  7. You make real-time sales

Νομίζω πως τώρα επιθυμείς να “τρέξεις” και εσύ τον πρώτο σου διαγωνισμό! Μην διστάσεις να μας στείλεις ένα μήνυμα και πάρε μια προσφορά που θα σου μείνει αξέχαστη!

I think now you want to “run” your first competition aswell! Do not hesitate to send us a message and get an offer which will remain unforgettable!

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