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7 reasons you need Google

The most common question we are being asked the last 2 years is: “Do i need Google? Is it worth to be on the first page?”. Im going to give you the answer with 7 facts which are going to make you decide on your own!

  1. When Google collapsed for 5′ minutes, Global Internet Traffic was reduced by 40%!!!
  2. Every 60″ more than 2.3 billion searches are done
  3. To 16% των συνολικών αναζητήσεων στην Google γίνονται για πρώτη φοράThe 16% of the total Google searches are done for the first time
  4. The first 5 Google search results, win 70% of the Traffic
  5. Did you know that 1 out of 6 people of the planet, uses Google?(In Europe 1 out of 3)
  6. More than 50% of the searches comes from Smartphones
  7. The 18% of “local” Google searches lead to a sale the same day!!!

So what do you say?Does your business need Google or not?

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