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Automatic eshop emails

We all know big part of the “automation” that internet offers us and more specifically our website or our eshop.And by “automation” I mean the emails that your eshop sends automatically to your users.

So today i will describe to you what emails an eshop can send to a user/customer and I will mention a few more much more important and essential that you probably didn’t even know exist.

Lets start from the basics:

Order Notifications

Here everyone knows what email his eshop sends for each purchace completed.I wont mention them cause they are different depending on each company.

Newsletter SubscriptionWith each new user subcription to the Newsletter, an automatic email is sent to his Inbox. Make sure it is well designed and essential, because it’s the first communication portal that a user opens with your eshop.

Newsletter Campaigns

Greek eshops more or less know this and use it. For the “Newsletter” a specific article will follow, explaining tactics and strategies!I just mention, to give it the right gravity, that it came #1 Marketing Tool 2016!

Ας μπούμε τώρα λίγο πιο βαθιά:

Product Retargeting Email
It encourages the user to finish his order, showing him in the email the same products he was watching at the eshop.

It’s very important to mention that the user doesn’t have to subscribe or give us his email. The technology that we in Webplanners use for email Remarketing, discovers the user’s email automatically from the Browser they use,through the cookies!

Abandoned Cart Email

It encourages the user to finish his order, if he abandons his products in his cart. ( With a “smart” button that restores the web page with the same products inside the cart).

Abandoned Cart Series

A series of emails in order for the user to finish his order. (e.g. The first one the same day, the second one 3 days later and the third one 1 week later along with a small 5% or 10% discount coupon depending on the order and product).

First Purchase

A welcome email for each client who makes his first order ( Here there is an explanation of policy about issues that are directly relevant to the customer e.g. When is he going to have discount, or if he deserves a birthday discount 5% etc).

Specific Product Follow-Up

It asks from the customer that has bought a specific product, to leave a Review. (This email is sent 10 days after the purchace so the user has time to receive and use the product for a few days).

Customer Re-Engagement
It restores the eshop to customers who haven’t ordered for a long time (e.g. A customer who hasn’t ordered for 3 months, receives an email with a 10% discount code).

Special Days – Birthdays
What’s best from someone to remember your birthday & nameday?But of course to make you a gift! An email with a discount code is what should be done.

I think today you got an idea of a completed eshop  & learned a few tricks that succesful eshops apply.Call us in 211 1018 179 or 6973552429 to learn more details about “Premium Services of WebPlanners”.

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